Tuesday, March 5, 2013

When's Spring Break?

My lovely school has decided to get rid of spring break this year. It's time for me to come to terms with that fact that I will never experience an MTV Spring Break.

I think my over exaggeration problems may be resurfacing. Or quite possibly just a side effect from my lack of sleep....
Either way, I'm longing for some sort of sunny vacation. The rain can only be enjoyable for so long, curse you Southern California!

For an art school student on a budget this means a picnic in my room. Turn on the purple globe lights, and start watching Reality Bites. After a good session of tears with Ethan Hawke, and a wallet-safe spread of goodies it's time to get crafty. Making fake ads out of this month's Vogue, hanging odds and ends on that walls, and fantasizing about the cloudy dreamland in the Dior ads can keep me occupied.
Turn on some Juliette Greco, burn some incense, and enjoy your room.
Ahh, rest. It's a beautiful thing.

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