Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Cleaning

It's that dreaded time of year. Cleaning must be done, and someone must do it. This year I'm tackling the beast better known as my closet. I plan on selling and donating a good portion of what I have. Am I insane? Well, maybe, but allow me to explain myself.

A majority of the things I own I have had since my high school days. I'm not saying that is a bad thing (don't go tearing apart your own wardrobe) but I feel as if it's holding me back. I have changed since high school, so why shouldn't my clothes? I'm not feeling very crisp or fresh when I slide on my almost grey, once black, Car Mar jeans in the morning.

I would also like to take this as an opportunity to create a more mature, wardrobe. I want to start collecting things that I would be able to wear on job interviews, internships, and snazzy dinner dates. A girl can dream, right? This time around my focus will be on quality rather than quantity. 

Here's a list of some items I will be saving up for

  • Acne High Waisted Black Denim
  • Deena & Ozzy Bondage Peep-Toe Ankle Boot
  • F-TROUPE Plastic Heart Sandal
  • As If Wildfox Sweater- Clueless Collection
  • Anything from the OC x Chloe Sevingy Fall Collection...
  • A new purse, a very mature looking bag please

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