Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blustery Day in Bed

I'm sort of having one those days where you just don't want to leave your bed. Okay, so maybe this is everyday for some of us.... but I'm finding a way to turn a lazy afternoon into something a little more productive.

If you are feelin that funk take it as an opportunity to search for new inspiration. Start it off by logging on to Netflix. Yes. That Netflix. It's time to watch that odd movie you've had sitting in your instant que for months now. For me, that movie was The Ramen girl starring Brittany Murphy. I promise you it wasn't as awful as the movie poster makes it seem. I found it only propelled my dream of visiting Tokyo. I also have to deal with a large craving for some steaming ramen, Japantown here I come!

The movie was a perfect transition in to browsing some Tokyo Fashion Week collections. I was incredibly impressed by the consistency of clean lines from the designers. It's so refreshing to see so many collections that are all so unique. If these Tokyo Fashion Week A/W 2013 Collections  don't provide you with any inspiration the next step should be to check your pulse.

While my dreams of Tokyo are a great driving force it's also important for me to figure out the now. The plans for my next year are currently in the air. This may seem exciting and normal for any college student, but I am a planner and a lack of a schedule equals stress.

The next couple hours of my day were spent fake apartment hunting. If I want to consider moving to Los Angeles in the fall, I need to see how it will mesh with my budget. Doing a little research was extremely helpful and an instant boost for me. I'm taking baby steps here!

Now with my power-packed combo of inspiration and confidence it's time to tackle some internship searching, all from my own bed. Mmm...

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