Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Karl Gets me

You know when you are looking at a Chanel runway show. I personally love that. Outrageous dreamscape settings transport me deeper into the realm of Chanel. I understand people's complaints for a more intimate setting, but at this point in the game no one is willing to make that change. Designers love that wow factor, and for Karl it works.

Classic Chanel looks, with exquisite details. The tweeds are on point, and the accessories are top notch. Layers of luscious fabrics gave the looks plenty of depth. The bad-ass chain boots will be on the top of everyone's wish list starting tomorrow. Ugh and that globe clutch!! A very literal theme of globalization, but it worked. Chanel is a brand that I can allow to flaunt their power, it is well deserved.

You can find me dreaming of being bundled in these Chanel looks after a school induced all-nighter. One day!! ZzzzZzzzZZzz

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