Sunday, May 26, 2013

TBA on MmmT

Once I make it through all new episodes of arrested development (which trust me will be by today) I will have a review up for DKNY resort!!!
Lets just say I'm a happy gal today.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Resort Life

Raf Simons delivered a large serving of consistency, and I'm liking the taste. His latest collection for Christian Dior Resort 2013 fit in appropriately with the his direction for Dior, classic silhouettes with more futuristic details. Vibrant hues and metallic accents kept the collection fresh, as well as playful lace and chiffon cover ups. Anyone looking for a hiccup in Simons' work will certainly be disappointed.

Mmm, this is Resort!

Sleek and sophisticated meetes ulta femme, exactly what we know and love about Dior! 

Over in Singapore Karl Lagerfeld presented a resort collection with an unexpected edge of masculinity. Of course with Chanel this masculinity was in no way literal. The boyish details can be found in the tailoring of the classic Chanel suits presented, as well as a turn towards sportswear. Strands of never ending pearls were draped on to the models ever so casually. This is how Chanel is going to do casual. A wardrobe of simple black and white gave a crisp show that set the stage for Karl's genius little details. 

Interesting to see heavier fabrics for Resort, but of course Karl makes it reasonable.

Double take, I love it!

80 looks, each just as strong as the last.
Make sure to check out the show because JOAN SMALLS is in action and rocking the blonde better than anyone, sorry Cara. 

As far as the Versus Versace J.W. Anderson Collection goes, let's just say lace, neon, and patent leather make me very unhappy. Too many trashy high school party busses ruined that for me.  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Punk, and Other Recent Things

There will be no escaping Tuesday's Met Gala Red Carpet photos. The punk theme created looks that both respected and trashed the 70's punk movement. While scrolling through the 100s of pictures of attendees, remember that this is a costume gala. For this particular exhibition there seems to be an unspoken agreement on costume and drama.

The looks I chose as my favorites I felt payed somewhat of a tribute to the theme, or at least attempted. I was also happy to see the following people portray the attitude that comes along with punk fashion.

Please enjoy my provided commentary. 

 Maybe more witchy than punk, but it caught my eye.  Constance Jablonski with (and wearing) Wes Gordon.

Kirsten Dunst will always be a favorite, and I always appreciate her effort. Louis Vuitton with the magic touch of Marc is a perfect sophisticated take on the evening's theme. 

Hat's off (no pun intended) to SJP. She went for it, and you cannot argue your way out of that. She proves yet again that the Met Gala is her night. All hail.
Custom Giles, and Christian Louboutin shoes with a Phillip Treacy headpiece, because why not?

This look hasn't gone over well with anyone I've talked to, but I have a feeling Florence Welch would be on my side. The dramatic effect of this dress is amazing. Marchesa at a ghostly, almost Victorian state. It almost makes me think there was a trend of monarchy, a nod to exactly what punk was standing against. Or am I just over-thinking these next two looks from Dolce & Gabana...

God Save the Queen?

Is it possible Carine Roitfeld made me grin in Givenchy? Yes, and now I know exactly how I hope to be dressing at 58. 

This was a highlight for me, thank you Elle for never disappointing me. She is an angel. 
Although, I could have seen way more Rodate... 

Are words even necessary here? A flash of Vivienne Westwood paired with Lily Cole and I have forgotten about all of the night's mishaps.
I was saving the best for last (◕‿-)
...But I shall still never forgive Kate Upton for saying to, "I don't think I fully understood the theme". So help me god. I will not be posting a picture of her in her gown, but let's just say she got the words prom and punk mixed up. They both start with a "p", right?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

OOTD & Rambling

There are a few reasons I've been lacking outfit posts recently....
A. I don't own a digital camera or tripod
B. I am extremely awkward in front of the camera
C. I am a procrastinator (hence the whole Mmmaybe Tomorrow thing)

I have become fed up with my own excuses, so today I had some fun with my old pal Photobooth. I apologize for the terrible quality of the photos and the pig pen otherwise known as my room. We're all just going to have to make some compromises here. 

I found one of my favorite lipsticks from high school the other day. If you are feeling a little dark, why not show it with Cyber by MAC. It's magical satin finish makes it easy to pull off. Pair with dark brows, and pale skin and you're ready. 

My best Buffy high kick. I told you cameras make me do stupid things! What is my facial expresson? Why do I have Skrillex hair??

Coltranes by JC 
Lilac Jeans by Free People
Adidas Basic Logo T (tied into a crop)

My guardian angel Paula Abdul, because why not. 

Someone told me yesterday that my style could be described as a lesbian witch from the 90's. I wasn't quite sure how to take that comment, but after looking at my outfit today I understand. 

It's time for summer to shake things up a bit!

Monday, April 22, 2013

We are living in a Spice world

I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha. If you didn’t just get lost in that opener, congratulations! You are a product of the 90s, and you were most likely a Spice Girls fan. If for some reason you are under the age of 13 and reading this, then please allow me to explain. 

The Spice Girls are British pop icons, who spread their message of girl power across the entire globe. They are ultimate queens of the 90’s, they quickly became the best-selling female group of all time. Their existence influenced the world of fashion from 1994 to now. 

Aside from their focus on girl power (“just girl power is all we need”) the Spice Girls promoted a sense of individuality. Every girl had her own style, most obviously reflected in their names. Ginger Spice made the British flag a fashion statement, Baby Spice made platform sneakers mainstream, Posh Spice kept it timeless with a sleek bob, Sporty Spice made activewear sexy, and Scary Spice brought animal print to a whole new level. Which ever girl you chose to stand behind said a lot about you. Personally I was a Sporty Spice, in head to toe Adidas garb and using soccer balls as accessories. 

With the recent obsession of everything and anything 90s, the effect of the Spice Girls is farther than ever from fading. It’s not a bad idea to reference pop’s fiercest group, they pulled off the over the top trends of the era with spunk. They are icons for the fearless. If you are looking for a very literal take on Spice Girl style I suggest starting with Solestruck and Buffalo’s latest collaboration. The orignial club kid brand Buffalo released a lineup of platform sneakers that would make Baby jealous. Not looking to spend $200? Hit up Goodwill, and prepare yourself for world domination. I’m sure that’s how the Spice Girls did it.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Slimane is getting under my skin

It's almost impossible to avoid Saint Laurent's newest ad campaigns at this point. Hedi Slimane's Music Project is putting the house in the spotlight. While his latest designs made for numerous eye-rolls these ads are more along the line of head-turners. Iconic "rough around the edges" musicians appear natural and simplistic in a lineup of black and white spreads.
My personal favorite are the Courtney Love images. Her girly-grunge look is a perfect continuation of what was shown on the Fall runway. While I don't see much of a correlation between the classic brand and the celebrities I can finally see into Slimane's mind. It's extremely obvious that he intends on bringing a younger generation into high fashion. Love, Manson, and Pink are all perfect examples of straying from the mainstream. Slimane is making Saint Laurent cool again (although I never knew otherwise). In the age of Tumblr, this is a wise move. Teen grunge lovers all over the globe will be swooning over every detail of the Saint Laurent Music Project. I cannot hate Slimane for using his contacts wisely. I now understand that he knows exactly what he's doing.
Although I still do not agree with his methods, there is a budding respect. My biggest complaint is the way in which he is playing with popular internet culture. I believe he is using it more as a crutch, rather than a tool. Soon enough trends will dominate his runway and hipsters will be the only people willing to watch. For this reason, I am anxious.

Only time will tell, but for now let's enjoy the moment with these ads.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Month, New Hair?

I recently decided to give at home hair bleaching a try. Two days later, I was a brassy shade of blonde. It was not the most flattering shade, so I kept the damage ball rolling with some ash brown hair dye.  The nice, even brown color lasted in my hair about two washes, and every wash since it's had a mind of it's own.
I'll be experiencing this parade of shades until I see my hair dresser somtime late May. This marks the begining of journey. There will be many pictures to come, I can assure you.

Remember not to try this at home.

Today's Strawberry Blonde 
If only I could pull it off like Drew Barrymore.
The ultimate hair goddess