Monday, May 20, 2013

Resort Life

Raf Simons delivered a large serving of consistency, and I'm liking the taste. His latest collection for Christian Dior Resort 2013 fit in appropriately with the his direction for Dior, classic silhouettes with more futuristic details. Vibrant hues and metallic accents kept the collection fresh, as well as playful lace and chiffon cover ups. Anyone looking for a hiccup in Simons' work will certainly be disappointed.

Mmm, this is Resort!

Sleek and sophisticated meetes ulta femme, exactly what we know and love about Dior! 

Over in Singapore Karl Lagerfeld presented a resort collection with an unexpected edge of masculinity. Of course with Chanel this masculinity was in no way literal. The boyish details can be found in the tailoring of the classic Chanel suits presented, as well as a turn towards sportswear. Strands of never ending pearls were draped on to the models ever so casually. This is how Chanel is going to do casual. A wardrobe of simple black and white gave a crisp show that set the stage for Karl's genius little details. 

Interesting to see heavier fabrics for Resort, but of course Karl makes it reasonable.

Double take, I love it!

80 looks, each just as strong as the last.
Make sure to check out the show because JOAN SMALLS is in action and rocking the blonde better than anyone, sorry Cara. 

As far as the Versus Versace J.W. Anderson Collection goes, let's just say lace, neon, and patent leather make me very unhappy. Too many trashy high school party busses ruined that for me.  

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