Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Punk, and Other Recent Things

There will be no escaping Tuesday's Met Gala Red Carpet photos. The punk theme created looks that both respected and trashed the 70's punk movement. While scrolling through the 100s of pictures of attendees, remember that this is a costume gala. For this particular exhibition there seems to be an unspoken agreement on costume and drama.

The looks I chose as my favorites I felt payed somewhat of a tribute to the theme, or at least attempted. I was also happy to see the following people portray the attitude that comes along with punk fashion.

Please enjoy my provided commentary. 

 Maybe more witchy than punk, but it caught my eye.  Constance Jablonski with (and wearing) Wes Gordon.

Kirsten Dunst will always be a favorite, and I always appreciate her effort. Louis Vuitton with the magic touch of Marc is a perfect sophisticated take on the evening's theme. 

Hat's off (no pun intended) to SJP. She went for it, and you cannot argue your way out of that. She proves yet again that the Met Gala is her night. All hail.
Custom Giles, and Christian Louboutin shoes with a Phillip Treacy headpiece, because why not?

This look hasn't gone over well with anyone I've talked to, but I have a feeling Florence Welch would be on my side. The dramatic effect of this dress is amazing. Marchesa at a ghostly, almost Victorian state. It almost makes me think there was a trend of monarchy, a nod to exactly what punk was standing against. Or am I just over-thinking these next two looks from Dolce & Gabana...

God Save the Queen?

Is it possible Carine Roitfeld made me grin in Givenchy? Yes, and now I know exactly how I hope to be dressing at 58. 

This was a highlight for me, thank you Elle for never disappointing me. She is an angel. 
Although, I could have seen way more Rodate... 

Are words even necessary here? A flash of Vivienne Westwood paired with Lily Cole and I have forgotten about all of the night's mishaps.
I was saving the best for last (◕‿-)
...But I shall still never forgive Kate Upton for saying to, "I don't think I fully understood the theme". So help me god. I will not be posting a picture of her in her gown, but let's just say she got the words prom and punk mixed up. They both start with a "p", right?

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