Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dressing to the Nin3


 The pressure for young designers is reaching it's highest point. It is impossible for someone to enter this industry without some sort of speculation. I'm not exactly one to talk as a fashion journalist in the making, I admit to being a part of the problem. When you are able to find a new designer unfazed by the judgmental smog of the fashion community, it's inspiring. In the case of the young brand NIN3 by Devon Leigh and Sideara St. Claire, we are blessed with two fearless faces.
 This is true girl power any Spice Girls fan could appreciate. The girls have started their collection off with a powerful trio of T's. My favorite thing about the shirts are the endless interpretations they hold. The meaning differs depending on the wearer, pure effortless individuality. A very wise philosophy for such young designers. The duo explain who they are designing for by stating, "A 9 girl is any being who embodies NIN3 by holding the ability to recognize the vast darkness but choose only to proceed towards the endless light". Pretty poetic if I do say so.

Their designs embody independence, confidence, and individuality. So shake what your momma gave you in some NIN3, don't hold anything back!

A new batch is soon to arrive on www.shopnin3.com! Wear your nin3 your own way! Check it out!

Dats me right there, havin a moment with the BFF
<3 <3 <3

 ** Sideara shining bright **

$$ Devon rocking that white on white $$
Possibly an outfit to copy....
Maybe tomorrow...


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