Thursday, April 4, 2013

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I swear if I open my inbox to one more "Festival Style" mass e-mails I will be hiding my computer far far away, somewhere not even Nasty Gal can find it. Festival season is upon us, and the madness is about to reach it's peak with surbanan teen madness at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2013.

I have attended Coachella in the years past, so I cannot blame people for their enthusiasm and countdowns, but it's hard not to be overwhelmed by amount of people just waiting to cash in on anything and everything Coachella related. Retail is pushing the youth's festival craze to new limits, big budget look books, ad campaigns, and celebrity endorsements all for a couple days of music? Personally it just doesn't add up. I want people to remember Coachella for exactly what it is, a music festival in the desert. Seeing shows should be your top priority, and yes the temperatures will feel like death. Suck it up, and have fun while buying yourself a $6 lemonade (honestly, I strongly recommend the lemonade). You are spending an insane amount in order to attend the festival, why double it for a round of outfits THAT WILL GET TRASHED. My only tip for dressing for festival season is wear comfortable shoes. Your old converse, or those thrifted boots that fit just right. That is all. I completely understand a new pair of Docs would so cute and pastel grunge-festival chic/ get so many notes on tumblr while posing underneath the giant ferris wheel, but please just trust me on this one. Blisters will ruin your day 3.

If you're worried about standing out, I also suggest dressing comfortably. No one else seems to do that... hmmm...

If you are more interested in layering yourself with all of your best closet pieces or want to show off some cool boots I suggest Outside Lands. It's freezing cold at night, the lineups are great for everyone, and the crowd seems to have a more "grown-up" view on festivals. Aside from the fact that Jack Daniels will most likely be your best friend, and provide you with more warmth than any Free People sweater.

Good luck, and Happy Festival Season!

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