Monday, February 25, 2013

Tales of a Misunderstood World/ RANT RANT RANT

It's nothing new to hear people mock the fashion industry. As a fashion major myself, I hear people joke about it all the time. People have some idea that anyone involved in the industry just takes mindless pictures of pretty things all day. The amount of people that think trying to be in the fashion world takes zero intelligence and strictly looks disgusts me.

Part of me wants to put the blame on the Internet. Things like tumblr have completely altered people's views on the subject. It seems as if anyone has the credentials to be a fashion journalist. Left and right I see girls posting pictures of anything and everything with a Chanel logo plastered on top, pictures of skinny girls posing in this week's trend, and screenshots from The September Issue. To the outside world this is fashion.

In no way do I believe that everyone has to pay attention to fashion, trends, or have interest in this strange world. However, I think it is ignorant for people to treat it as a joke. Just like any other line of work, it has it's cliches. Without an understanding for the world it can be easily perceived as simple.

Looks play no part in your success. If you are not trying to be a model, most people could care less. In fact, ask anyone in school as a fashion major what their biggest pet peeve is and you will probably get the following answer. A well-off, attractive person that thinks because they are constantly complimented on their looks and clothes, they can easily make it in the fashion industry. This is not true. Personal style has nothing to do with talent. The first year of school you can see these people drop like flies. School is school, I don't know how many times it most be explained. Going to art school you will be expected to work just as hard if not harder than any other university. While style can be use as a tool, it can not and will not ever replace good taste.

Recently a friend of mine switched schools to become a fashion major, immediately the criticism followed. This person is attempting to turn a phase of their life into a career, while it is not a move I would agree with I cannot judge. What you want to do with your life is such a personal thing. Why does a career in fashion automatically cause a loss in respect for a person? I feel as I am on some sort of quest for respect from others. This is exactly what made me realize I had let people into my head.

People have forgotten that fashion is a form of art. Whether of not you like it cannot change the fact that imagination and creativity were responsible for it's creation. It takes a special type of person to have the ability to design, organize, write or sell something that can be criticized so easily. It is not for everyone. The amount of work that goes into the industry is like no other. A 9 to 5 work structure does not exist, and that in itself should be respected. We should be encouraging people to follow their dreams and fight for what they want.

In the end of the day there is no way to lecture to the world the misunderstandings of the fashion industry. That is exactly why I (along with the millions of other girls) have a blog. I have a place to be as angsty and non linear as I please. Writing about fashion is a way to escape the judgements surrounding me. I can see a runway show and feel a certain emotion in a way an outsider can not. I can see this world for what it is and I strive to work within it. As long as I keep writing like my opinions matter, maybe one day they will.

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