Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rodarte goes home, and I'm a little late- What else is new?

         My most anticipated show of the season gave me mixed emotions. A diehard fan of the Mulleavy sisters, I can find a way to love anything they create. Their collections are full of sentimental motifs of a 90s childhood. This show was an ode to their hometown of Santa Cruz, California. Cutouts, electric tie dye, tattooed ankle socks, and roses kept the focus on the young. The designs were made to stand out, and they did just that.
  My first time looking over the show I must admit I wasn't as blown away as I expected to be. Maybe it's because I had so much anticipation for the show, I had built it up completely in my mind. The leggings layered underneath a majority of the looks took me back to a trend I never wanted to revisit. However, my second time looking at the entire show I was able to look throughout the minor details that had previously annoyed me and found a lot of things I loved.
  The 90s Goth introduction to the show exemplifies a perfect balance between layering and draping. After a round of all black an opposing lineup of shimmering nude added light to the darkness. An oversized nude blazer was a standout for me, automatically on my wish list. Model Chloe Norgaard was a perfect fit for the show with her neon ombre hair she appears as a Rodarte angel. The entrance of tie dye gowns create a sense of excitement. One of the most literal inspirations of their childhood in the show, the tie dye was a very positive throwback for me. It reminded me of the playful and imaginative side of the brand that I know and love. Unfortunately, the gray ending of the show fell flat for me. The gray almost pavement like looks were something I could have gone without, especially after such a dramatic dose of color.
       The details of the show are what sets Rodarte apart from most contemporary designers. Each model had an intricate braided rose hairstyle and smudged black eyes. A combo that looked effortlessly cool. Tattooed nude ankle socks and layered spiky necklaces gave an extra edge the looks. One of my favorite details were the angel wings on the back of the pair of flowing jumpsuits. A small nod to teenage punk phase was added with black and white checkered platforms.
        Whether or not you were a fan of the collection, it is inevitable that an immense amount of thought and creativity was put into it. I will now be dreaming of what Rodarte could possibly deliver next.

The following are some of my favorite looks from the show:

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